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CubiCasa adds 5 more MLS organizations

CubiCasa Welcomes Five More MLS Organizations to its Growing MLS Partnership Program

“With the mission of putting a floor plan on every U.S. listing as the driving factor behind the creation of CubiCasa’s MLS Partnership Program, the company now has agreements with prominent MLS organizations in Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Utah, Vermont and even Latin America.

“We’re thrilled with the number of MLS organizations that have joined our program to provide their agents with the tools needed to succeed in today’s evolving real estate environment,” said Jeff Allen, president of CubiCasa. “As we continue to bolster our program offering, we welcome MLSs that are looking to provide their members with an easy-to-use, free floor plan tool that will help them better serve their customers. Together we can make floor plans the new standard on home listings across the U.S.”

I recently spoke at the Tri-State MLS Summit and the subject of MLS data came up in the program’s Q&A portion, and floorplans were a big topic.

There is a real opportunity for an MLS Organization to go all in on floorplans. Think about it. I know many MLS execs trying to come up with solutions to help their membership and community. Who will be the first market that will have floorplans on all listings? It’s going to happen. The only question is “what MLS will do it first”?

Cubicasa and Georgia MLS announce partnership

CubiCasa and Georgia MLS announce floor plan partnership

Georgia MLS joined CubiCasa’s MLS partnership program, which the software company launched in December 2022. CubiCasa’s first contract was with PrimeMLS which operates in New England.

The program allows MLSs to access CubiCasa’s free floor plans. In addition to this, MLS members will receive discounts on optional add-on features like Fixed Furniture details, Digital GLA or expedited deliveries, digitized property information and a directory of real estate photographers, through the partnership.

Who wouldn’t want all listings to have floorplans attached? It makes so much sense. Let’s make this happen people!

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