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One of the most genuine people I’ve ever known. Beautiful inside and out. An amazing mother. Rest in peace. šŸ„ŗ

Help find a cure for pediatric brain cancer

My son Toby is part of CIBACS (Center for International Business and CommunicationĀ Studies). CIBACSĀ  is partnering with theĀ McKenna Claire FoundationĀ (MCF) to raise funds for both pediatric brain cancer research and CIBACS.Ā  Over the past 11 years, MCF has donated over $144,000 to our local schools in partnership with the Play It Forward Golf Tournament and Golf Ball Drop. Ā CIBACS will receive 50% of the proceeds for every ball sold by CIBACS students. Ā The first ball in the hole or closest to the pin will winĀ $2,500!!!Ā All purchased balls will be assigned a number and be part of the helicopter golf ball drop being held just before sunset onĀ Friday, October 20, 2023Ā at the Tijeras Creek Golf Club. Ā Balls are $10 each. Ā The winner does not need to be present to win. Ā Ā 

  1. Head to this link => https://e.givesmart.com/events/x2F/ and click ā€œEnter Hereā€ under the helicopter golf ball drop title
  2. Choose how many golf balls you’d like to buy, Or just make a donation. Remember 1 ball = $10. Hit next below when you finish
  3. Fill out all the information it requires (sorry the form is kinda long we don’t have any control over that), when itĀ  comes to ā€œStudent you are supporting”, enter the name ā€œRobertson, Tobias” and under that, the “Teacher & Period” you are supporting is “Boone Period 2 (Juniors)”

Thank you!

Inventor of PDF dies

John Warnock, Inventor of the PDF, Dies at 82

“The PDF was the result of Dr. Warnockā€™s abiding obsession since graduate school: finding a way to ensure that the graphics displayed on one computer ā€” whether words or images ā€” looked the exact same on another computer, or on a page from a printer, regardless of the manufacturer.

ā€œIt had been a holy grail in computer science to figure out how to communicate documents,ā€ he said in a 2019 interview with Oxford University.

Clay Risen, reporting for The New York Times

Hard to think of another industry that has benefited from the PDF more than real estate. From forms to CMAs and everything in between. Thank you John.

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