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Director of Sales – SentriLock

“The Director of Sales will report to the Chief Revenue Officer, and is responsible for supporting and pushing the organization’s long-term growth and success by managing the production, success, and growth of the sales department and overseeing the development and implementation of the organization’s sales strategy.”


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Looking for a new gig?

Product Manager – SentriLock

“The Product Manager is responsible for facilitating the success of aligning the scrum team with the product portfolio through the entire software development lifecycle. The position works collaboratively across various department and external stakeholders to prioritize and align features and execute product launches.”

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Bill Andrews leaves Remine Annette Sheffler leaves SentriLock, both headed for Black Knight

Bill Andrews, and maybe at this point I should clarify, Bill Andrews Sr. since he has made this industry a family affair. His son Bill Andrews is National Sales Manager- MLS relations at RateMyAgent and his other son, Ryan Andrews is Director of MLS relations at LionDesk. ????

Bill Sr. has joined Black Knight, this is after joining Remine back is October 2019. Bill has worked for several companies in the industry, I think it goes something like this. Rapattoni, Tarasoft, CoreLogic, Zillow, Remine, a little consulting, and now Black Knight.

Also, fellow DeVry grad, Annette Sheffler, has left SentriLock and joined Black Knight as a product consultant.

I’m also hearing rumors about one or two others that could be making moves. Don’t know who or where yet, seems like the powers to be haven’t taken their finger off the chess piece yet.

Great to see that Black Knight is not sitting still during this crazy time and making investments in what matters most, good people.

Looking for a new gig?

Regional Sales Director – SentriLock

“The Regional Sales Director is a strong contributor to the organization’s growth by creating and developing sales prospects, advancing propects’ knowledge of products and services, and transitioning prospect into new SentriLock customers. If you have strong passion and knowledge of the real estate industry and value building strong customer relationship, keep reading!”

Great to see companies in our space are hiring. Here’s a quote from a recent job posting on the Vendor Alley Job Board

“I got amazing response, including quite a few applicants from Vendor Alley – thank you! At this point I just don’t have the bandwidth to look at anymore applicants. “

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SentriLock wins in Las Vegas

“4 years, 3 Leadership teams, 2 AEs and 1 beautiful signed contract!”

Nice win for Kim and Sentrilock. Congrats!

Full Press Release Below:

Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® Partners With SentriLock, LLC
Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS® (GLVAR) has partnered with SentriLock, LLC, the official lockbox solution of the National Association of REALTORS®, to provide its members with SentriLock’s REALTOR® Lockbox System.

GLVAR is the local representative of the National Association of REALTORS® and the largest professional organization in Southern Nevada. GLVAR is one of the top 10 largest REALTOR® Associations in the United States. GLVAR serves more than 11,500 real estate professionals in the Greater Las Vegas area, providing local members with the highest level of education, training and political representation.
Heidi Kasama, 2014 GLVAR President, said, “After researching this issue, we chose SentriLock for this important service because we determined they were the most qualified and offered the best, most cost-efficient solution for our more than 11,500 GLVAR members.”

SentriLock CEO and founder Scott Fisher has led the company through 11 years of consistent growth to serve more than 280 REALTOR® Associations and MLS customers throughout North America.
“We’re extremely excited about partnering with a proven leader like Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS®, which is an outstanding organization with a great staff,” Fisher said. “I believe GLVAR recognizes that our 100% REALTOR®-focused company will be an excellent fit for their members. As with all of our customers, SentriLock is committed to providing GLVAR members with the best product and service available.”

Contact Information Greg Sheldon SentriLock, LLC. http://www.sentrilock.com (513) 618-5821

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