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Say it loud! Say it proud! The new Vendor Alley T-shirts are here!

VA T-Shirt

These super comfy American Apparel crew T-shirts feature my new flat design Vendor Alley logo and are available for a limited time only!

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Homes.com wins best swag award….again!

I’ve got to hand it to Homes.com. Everyone who attended the conference got one of these great looking jacket pullovers. Rick Sherwood and Michael Hayes show off their stuff.

Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 7.57.35 AM

Best Swag Ever!

Everyone at the Clareity MLS Executive Conference got these ultra-chic-cool pull over Nike jackets from Homes.com. I have to say this is the best swag item I’ve seen in years. Nice job Andy!

Andy Woolley, GM of Homes Media Solutions

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