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One thing I’ve discovered about myself is that I really enjoy the beginning phase of starting a company.  Building a team, fleshing out the idea of a product, branding, positioning, pricing, billing, go to market, etc.  Once that part is done is more of a matter of managing and optimizing (which I kind of like too).  That’s why I always enjoy talking to new vendors, hearing their ideas, and if I like the idea/founder seeing if I can match them with the right people.

That’s exactly why I’m started working as an advisor with Trackxi.  Trackxi is a deal tracker software solution for agents, teams and transaction coordinators, it also so has light CRM.  It’s more a project management solution than a “transaction manager”, it doesn’t have any MLS integration or does it incorporate forms natively.  In that way it’s a very opinionated piece of software.  Trackxi is pre-loaded with deal workflows (tracks?) that agents can share with their clients and other people involved in the deal. It has a kind of “pizza tracker” data viz element that clients can view to see what tasks have currently been completed, what tasks are in progress, and tasks that haven’t been started. Which I think will be great for buyer’s agents showing their value.

You can use Trackxi to track pretty much anything.  One client used it to plan her wedding.  I think beyond tracking deals you can make templates like “First 90 days as a real estate agent”, “Kick start your real estate business.” , etc.

Another reason I’m working with Trackxi is their co-founder Vijay Gopalswamy.  Vijay lives in Portland, Oregon and  is bootstrapping the company.  Vijay started as an agent and later a broker team leader and Trackxi was born from some of the lessons he learned with starting that team.  Vijay is a pretty humble guy and has an interesting background. I interviewed him on Listing Bits that I will share later today.

I’m actually not sure what being an “advisor” really means.  But I am having super fun working with Vijay; brainstorming messaging, positioning and company strategy.  Our hope is that these discussions and work translate to getting Trackxi available to more agents.  To find out more about Trackxi please visit their website here.

Sisu launches “pizza tracker” solution for teams platform to provide clients better visibility into transactions

Sisu Launches Client Portal 2.0 with Vendor Integration for Streamlined Real Estate Workflows

“Now, with Mortgage and Title vendors on the platform, communication with all parties involved is located in one central place, reducing the potential for duplicate data entry and increasing efficiency. The new release of Client Portal also includes document storage, file sharing, centralized communication and collaboration, as well as the ability to add and edit roadmap steps. This powerful combination of features promises to help real estate teams streamline and automate their workflows like never before, saving time and reducing the potential for errors.”

Okay, I admit it, I watch a lot of reality real estate television shows. Part of me hoping to see some agent using Cloud CMA on their computer screen or handing out one of our reports. But alas so far no million-dollar agent is on video using Cloud CMA. ☹️

But I have seen Sisu. Not surprisingly since a lot of these million-dollar agents run huge teams. Sisu provides a well-designed product that acts as “your real estate team operating system”, along with some great coaching options.

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