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LIVE! RE/MAX Annual Convention Atlanta, GA

remax.jpgGreetings from HOT-LANTA! Actually it was below 50 degrees and windy when we arrived, but hey, lets give it up for the A-T-L! The folks at RE/MAX International moved their annual convention from New Orleans to Atlanta this year. With all the news coming from New Orleans these days it proved to be a good move. However, attendance was waaaaaay down this year. Not sure if it was good breakout sessions, the market, the city or what, but many vendors and suppliers in the convention hall were complaining about “booth traffic”.
Hard to fault anyone at RE/MAX International, they put on a quality show and treat their “Approved Suppliers” with respect. But if you can’t sell your stuff at a RE/MAX Convention, then where can you???? Our advice, scale down. Leave a few guys at home for your next convention. No need to have 7 guys standing in your booth.

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