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Another win for Paragon MLS 3.0!

imagesca8dun32.jpgLooks like FNRES headed north, waaaay north for their latest contract. BRRR!

  1. I’m always happy to get a ‘win’ announcement from any vendor.

    I’m just glad that, unlike one of the other vendors, Fidelity MLS doesn’t send one when they get each individual contract, one when they start installing it, one during the installation (if it’s taking too long), one when they’re done installing it, one when they add a feature for that customer, and one when the customer renews. With so many customers I figure that would be several releases a *week* for Fidelity if they did the same thing? Imagine if all the vendors had that same kind of aggressive marketing – email might become unusable! Consider this a call not to see a marketing escalation.

    Enough of the rant – congrats Fidelity!

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