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NAR Mid Year Recap

by Greg Robertson on May 19th, 2007

It’s over. Here’s a just a few of the happenings, stories, news and rumors…

Getting a phone call at midnight with a voice telling us that they are sending a black, unmarked, 5 7 series BMW to pick us up in 5 minutes in front of the Omni and don’t ask any questions to the driver.

The MarketLinx party-OFF THE HOOK! These guys are starting to get a rep of throwing one of the best industry parties around.

Andy Woolley flying in from Palm Beach with Alexander Haig.

RIS Media’s Power Broker Reception- Always a great time and they sure know how to draw all the heavies in the industry.

And it looks like the lobby bar at the Marriott will be back. While revamping the old restaurant they needed to relocate it, once the rennovation is done the bar should be back in place (there is a god!)

Also, we missed you Mike.

More stuff to come…

  1. Thanks, Greg, I missed seeing all you guys, too, especially having a chance to be with you in that 5 Series BMW! Inquiring minds want know more!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    It was a 7 series not a 5, nothing but the finest for GR.

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