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A world without MLSNI?

mlsni.jpgIs the end near for our friends at MLSNI? Back on May 9th Inman reported that a judge in Chicago ordered MLSNI shareholders to participate in a vote, about merging MLSNI and MAP MLS, within 30 days. That date is fast approaching. This got us thinking of what a boring place the MLS world will be without the drama that is MLSNI. Remember Jay? Last rumor I heard was he was playing guitar in a band around town. website hosting information Some other stuff comes to mind; Running 4 (?) MLS systems at the same time, seems like they were the Petri dish for new MLS related technology solutions. What vendor didn’t have a contract with MLSNI?? And of course there was Brenda and REBIG.

And what about Brad, Richard, Lynn and the rest of the gang? A great group of people. It’s too soon to tell and anything can happen in Chicagoland but lets hope these industry professionals land on their feet.

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