Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Inman Connect, fill in the blanks…..

What the hell was ______ doing with ________? Isn’t she married?

What ever happen to ________? Last year their ______ didn’t stink, and now I don’t see them around anywhere.

What’s up with ________? I still don’t get how they are ever going to make money.

_______________.com? Are they serious?

If you were going to ______ _______ would you have her leave her glasses on or off?

How is ________ going to explain to his membership that they are not a part of the new _________________?

How much money did ______ really make when he sold his company to __________?

It’s been over a year now, isn’t it about time Steve __________ quit his current gig and found another one? new website names available

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