Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Who is John Galt?

Yesterday, Tom Phillips announced at CMLS that TREND was hosting the Connection 2008 conference. He announced it from the podium. Right before he left the stage I asked him if Vendors were going to be allowed to participate this year. After a short pause he said “no”. His excuses were pretty lame (Not enough meeting space? Come on???!) So much for the city of brotherly love.

And two states away at the California Association of REALTORS(r) Expo and Conference C.A.R. leadership were confiscating a white paper, written by our friends at Clareity Consulting, being distributed from the hands of their Board of Directors. The paper presented new ideas of for their state wide MLS initiative (I won’t even get started about how they already have a great solution)

I was reminded by Greg Swann’s post about the 50 year anniversary of Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged. Although I preferred her earlier novel, The Fountainhead, both books had an effect on me. What I was reminded about was the storyline of Atlas Shrugged, the idea that the movers of business, the engineers, the entrepreneurs, the designers, the artists all went “on strike.” Swann’s quotes the Wall Street Journal article written by David Kelly…

“The central action of “Atlas” is the strike of the producers, their withdrawal from a society that depends on them to sustain itself and yet denounces them as morally inferior.”

If the folks behind Connection 2008 and C.A.R. would like a copy of the book, I’d be happy to lend them mine.

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