Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

No soup for you!

paris-party.jpgAnother sign budgets are tightening. Looks like Marketlinx (always one of the great industry parties) are saying no to outside vendors. A lot of us were sent invites to their annual “Customer Hospitality Event”, then when we dutifully RSVPed to the event an email reply came back stating….

“Because the party is for our customers and event sponsors only, and the fact that the event is officially full, I am unable to extend tickets to other vendors. Passes will not be available under your name. Sorry.”

So as a service to Marketlinx we are going to help them keep all other real estate vendors away from their party.

Here’s the location of the party so you know to KEEP AWAY! Do not under any circumstances crash this party!!!

*****Party Address removed 11/11/07 per GL’s request.*******

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