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LIVE Coverage of NAR EXPO 2007 starts Monday the 12th

swingers-nar.jpgVegas Baby! Only 5 days left. Is your liver ready????

We land in Vegas on Monday so that’s when all the fun begins.

Vendor Alley will be giving all the sights, sounds, and smells that is NAR EXPO 2007.

What big announcements will be made? I know one, but I can’t tell you now! You’ll have to wait until Monday (heehee). Any big deals? Anyone getting fired or hired? Are ______ and ________ still a couple?

Vendor Alley will be your resource to find out what’s what at the show. If you have any news to share please feel free to post or email us at vendor.alley@gmail.com.

And remember the first rule of trade shows… Never go big on the first night!

  1. Frontier Casino is scheduled for implosion tonight at 2:00 AM. The Clareity Suite at the Wynn (room 1801 in the Tower Suites) has an amazing view of the good old Frontier.

    Please join us from 1:00 AM to 2:30 AM for cocktails in our suite to watch this once glorious casino meets its demise.

    RSVP to troy.rech@clareitysecurity.com so we have a count.

    I would say BYOB but would probably be scathed about being ‘cheap’ so we will provide the refreshments.

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