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2007 RECAP

Here’s a recap of some of the events that happened in the world of real estate vendors in 2007.

1.3M NAR members

VendorAlley.com blog launched to give real estate vendors a new voice in the world!

This gave Mike Wurzer inspiration to start his own blog which is presently the hottest site on MLS in the industry.

Everyone from move.com went to work for cyberhomes.com

Errol Samuelson named president of realtor.com

Alan Dalton retreats to his basement, picks up a soldering iron and begins work on secret project. -Does anyone ___ing care anymore?

Realigent shut their doors. – There is a god.

Most agents stayed away from franchise trade show everything.

Dominion Enterprises acquires eNeighborhoods for $_____


RE/MAX took it easy on the intercoastal

Jim Naccarato, Bob Rucker, Jack Johnson say goodbye.


iPhone launched! (I still love mine, what about you?)

California MLS Alliance (10 MLS Providers, 150K+ brokers and agents, 2.5M active and off market listings -Boohya!)

FNRES (cyberhomes) and AOL hold hands.

Black Magic Voodoo Lounge Inman After Party. – My head still hurts

We toured wineries after the Inman Conference

What’s up with ________? I still don’t get how they are ever going to make money.

Rick Sherwood makes a move, Jerry Haan leaves and Bob Morse is plucked.

Jerry Meyer retired

FBS lands a big one! Get ready Arizona!

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree at Rapattoni.

eNeighborhoods beats the competition and signs Realogy.

Vegas Baby Vegas!
The Frontier Hotel was blown to bits while Gregg Larson and few friends partied the night away

1.X NAR members?

When I look back at 2007 I see it as a big transition year. It was the year that we realized that the market had turned. We saw consolidation on the rise. All companies played a bit of musical chairs. NAR fought the media, the media won.

While I’m a bit apprehensive about the coming new year of one thing I am certain. This industry is full of a lot of bright and talented people. I’m looking forward to seeing you again next year, swapping stories and celebrating your successes.

So 2008 give us the best you got! One thing is for sure, I’m going to be there.

Bring it!!

Happy Landings Everyone!


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