Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Errol Samuelson yields to customer pressure, and brings back the color purple to Top Producer.

(April 1st, 2008) “Some things die hard.” stated Errol Samuelson President of REALTOR.COM and Top Producer Systems (both owned by Move.com). “Frankly by replacing the color purple in Top Producer products we thought we were making a step towards a more ‘Web 2.0’ look and feel.” continued Mr. Samuelson. “I guess we were wrong”

Reports indicate that a “spirted” letter writing campaign was started by a real estate agent in Kent, WA. “We don’t know why so many REALTORS sent us hand written letters and not just email us, it was kinda bizzare” stated David Fisher, Top Producer Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Whoppi Goldberg could not be reached for comment.

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