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Connection 2008, Philly-NO VENDORS ALLOWED!


I was asked today to list 3 value propositions about CMLS from a vendor’s perspective. Here’s what I came up with..

1. CMLS is a great way for me to stay informed about the issues effecting the MLS industry.

2. CMLS is a perfect networking environment for me to meet the decision makers of the MLS industry.

3. CMLS has created an environment where vendors engage and become part of the conversation about the MLS industry.

The third point is really the distiction between CMLS and Connection. CMLS engages vendors, Connection forbids vendors.


It also reminded me about this cartoon….

If only the Consultant Custers of Connection would see that mabye, just maybe, those pesky sales people might be able to add something to the equation.

If not, no worries. CMLS 2008 is being held in Minneapolis this October. Hosted by John Mosey and Northstar MLS. Check out www.CMLS2008.com for more details, and, of course, vendors are welcome.

I believe that CMLS realizes something that Connection doesn’t…

We’re in this together.

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