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Cynergy Helps Concentric Software Drive Change in the Real Estate Industry
New Rich Internet Application to Revolutionize the Industry’s Mainstay: the Multiple Listing Service

WASHINGTON, DC–(Marketwire – 4-15-2008 ) Cynergy Systems, Inc., the global leader in rich Internet application (RIA) design and development, and California-based Concentric Software, today shared details of a Web 2.0 application that will drive change throughout the Real Estate industry. Known as EvolutionMLS, the browser and operating system-agnostic rich Internet application leverages the power of the Web to fully utilize the possibilities of the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).
Designed to manage real estate listings, the MLS remains the bedrock of the real estate industry. While some business-critical applications have been redesigned to utilize the Web, others — such as the MLS — are deployed using a blend of old, legacy systems that significantly hamper productivity. In conjunction with Cynergy, Concentric Software has created the real estate industry’s first rich Internet application-based MLS that is built from the ground up for the Web.
Richard Igou, president & CEO of Concentric Software, observed, “Before EvolutionMLS, realtors and brokers had to follow painfully laborious processes to list properties and access relevant information. We’ve not only fast-tracked the previously perplexing MLS into 2008, we’re providing the user experience that’s consistent with where applications will be years from now.”
Brian Lonchar, vice president of Marketing for Concentric Software, shared, “With over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry I can attest to how restrictive and difficult it is to use the existing MLS applications. When you’re in the real estate industry, the MLS is your lifeline and the ability to quickly retrieve information can make or break a customer relationship. Instead of having to navigate numerous pages to perform what should be the simplest of tasks, our solution provides instantaneous access — saving time and creating opportunities.”
Concentric Software’s EvolutionMLS will be sold to real estate associations and used by realtors and brokers. Igou said, “This is an increasingly diverse workforce, consisting of a broad spectrum of low tech and high tech users. EvolutionMLS is intuitive and easy-to-use, regardless of computer literacy.”
Designed using Cynergy’s LookFirst approach, EvolutionMLS “evolved” using a very collaborative manner. Igou commented, “Cynergy’s LookFirst approach helped reduce cycles and therefore, also reduced costs and development time. We found Cynergy’s approach to be productive and pragmatic. They’ve also ensured that EvolutionMLS is expandable, which is so important to our customers. In the highly competitive real estate industry, the ability to tie together as many marketing components — such as video — in one MLS listing, delivers a significant competitive advantage.”
Dave Wolf, vice president, Cynergy, said, “Concentric Software’s EvolutionMLS is a great example of how an application previously relegated to older technology can be catapulted into Web 2.0. Their Cynergy-designed and developed solution is visually stunning and delivers the ‘on-demand’ user experience that people are demanding more and more.”
EvolutionMLS is expected to be in general availability within several months. Companies seeking a demonstration of EvolutionMLS are invited to contact Concentric Software sales@concentricsoftware.com
A platinum sponsor of the event, Cynergy will exhibit at the upcoming Web 2.0 Expo, being held in San Francisco from April 22 – 25, 2008 in booth 721. To book a briefing with Cynergy at Web 2.0, please contact The Devon Group.
About Cynergy Systems
Cynergy is the global leader in the design and development of Rich Internet Applications specializing in Adobe Flex and AIR as well as Microsoft Silverlight and WPF. Using its proven LookFirst approach to the design and development process, Cynergy has created rich, powerful business and consumer applications for companies across nearly every vertical including healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and government markets.
Cynergy is privately held and headquartered in Washington, D.C.; the Company’s U.S. field operations include Rochester, N.Y., Grand Rapids, Mich., and San Diego, Calif. Cynergy’s European operations are based in London, United Kingdom and Copenhagen, Denmark and its Asia Pacific operations are located in Taipei, Taiwan and Sydney, Australia. More information about Cynergy can be accessed at http://www.cynergysystems.com.

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