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Landmark Communications sells The Weather Channel

What’s next for Dominion Enterprises?

This past Sunday. Landmark Communications sold The Weather Channel for a reported 3.5 billion.

Many of you may know that Landmark Communications also owns Dominion Enterprises, which in turn owns many real estate technology companies such as eNeighborhoods, Advanced Access, Number1Expert (Best Image Marketing), Homes.com, Harmon Homes Magazine (now Homes.com magazine), and Katabat.

These companies are under the “Dominion Homes Media” umbrella at Dominion Enterprises. Landmark has made it known that Dominion Enterprises is also up for sale.

So now that the biggest ticket item has been sold you’ll see Landmark kick it up a notch to unload their other properties.

eNeighborhoods alone has large contracts with some of online real estate biggest players including remax.com and all Realogy brand websites. eNeighborhoods technology is also used by many lage MLS providers for data aggregation and search tools. Not to mention their industry staple agent product.

It’s not clear if Landmark will peel off different divisions of Dominion Enterprises or try to sell the whole thing as one piece.

Here’s how I see it;

1. Homes.com has got to be the most intuitive url in online real estate. Which is a better url for online real estate; Cyberhomes.com, move.com, trulia.com, zillow.com or Homes.com? (Great Brand)
2. eN controls large enterprises wide technoology contracts with major franchisors and MLS providers. – (Great Customers)
3. When you add Advanced Access, eN and Homes.com together you must have the largest agent subscription business in real estate. (Great Cash Flow)

Sounds to me like a triple threat. And it’s up for sale!

It will be interesting to see who has the imagination and checkbook to make an offer.

Bill Foley? Rich Barton? Mike Long? Pete or Sami? Brad Inman? Buller? Anyone….anyone….

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