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Inman Real Estate Connect "fill in the blanks" recap

One day late but hopefully worth the wait….

I think I’m over _____ ______. Maybe Brad should move on and take him off his list of speakers, he’s had the guy on for the last 3 or 4 Connect Conferences.

Stupidest name change: __ _____ ___________. Maybe they should try hiring/stealing some marketing people from e_________ as well.

I still don’t know how ______ is going to make any money.

What’s the fasination with public facing ___ portals? Boooooring.

Looks like _______ seems to be leading on the innovation front. With their launch of the super sexy ______ _____ & ______ brand and ________.com being a “Most Innovative Media Site” nominee. Interesting things brewing in ___ Jersey.

I can’t remember seeing Ian ______ on a big panel in years. Good to see him back.

Love your ______ at the opening session ___. Very “Rat Packish”.

Who in the hell does ____ ________ think he is!!!

Great seeing everyone!

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