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RETS Geeks Hit Chi-town

The RESO/RETS Conference is this week. It’s being held in Chicago and the Conrad Chicago Hotel. So if you see a bunch of guys with MacBook Pros walking down Michigan Avenue, that’s them.

Among the topics they will be discussing will be the June 2009 RETS Compliance. According to their website:

“The Real Estate Transaction Standards (RETS) provides a vendor neutral, secure approach to exchanging listing information between the broker and the MLS. In order to ensure that the goal of maintaining an orderly marketplace is maintained, and to further establish REALTOR® information as the trusted data source, MLS organizations owned and operated by associations of REALTOR® will comply with the RETS standards by June 2009, and keep current with the standard’s new versions by implementing new releases of RETS within one year from ratification. ”

Reminds me of Y2K. I guess in this case it would be “Y2.96K” Or maybe one of the RETS geeks could convert that to HEX for me.

P.S. I’ve given Dan Woolley some Vendor Alley swag, including our new baseball cap and t-shirt. I told him to hand them out to the most deserving.

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