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Gregg Petch leaves MRIS?

Haven’t gotten any details yet but it looks like Petch has left MRIS. His profile is no longer on the MRIS management page.

There was a rumor a couple weeks back regarding this and it looks like our information was correct.

This will certainly have ramifications in a lot of different places and ongoing projects.

Gregg is well respected within MLS geekdom and a founding director on the RESO board.

If anyone has further details please post a comment.

  1. Yes Mr. Gregg Petch left MRIS in July of 2008. I am a former employee of MRIS and I know people who work there that confirmed that yes Gregg did move on.

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  3. I was released (reduction-in-force)from MRIS after 9 years of dedicated service and was replaced with temp employees. Gregg Petch was the best Vice President at MRIS. Gregg knew MRIS from alpha to omega. Their lost…..the best is coming for the both of us.

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