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The problem with young people today….

My cousin was in town. His name is Benny Aguirre. Actually he’s my second cousin. Benny is 17, and his friends call him “Poppy”.

Anyway Benny is in a band called “At Skies End”. You can check out their MySpace page here. The music is….how shall I put this…different. Benny calls it “hard core, but melodic.”

**WARNING – As soon as you go to the above link the music is pretty loud and I couldn’t find a way to pause it. NSFW**

So Benny tells me that “At Skies End” is a “Straight Edge” band. So I ask, “What does being ‘Straight Edge’ mean?” A new type of Punk perhaps? Nope says Benny. It means they don’t do drugs or have sex.

(Long pause)

Forgeting for the moment that he is 17, and that this is something that I should be praising, I ask the obvious question; “Why did you start a band if you didn’t want to have lots of sex and do drugs? Isn’t that the whole point of starting a band?” Benny looks at me and says, “It’s about the music man.”

Kids today! Aren’t they a riot???

Anyway, Benny told me that if I gave him a Vendor Alley T-Shirt he would wear it at his next gig. So here’s Benny (not having sex, or doing drugs) playing his guitar at a gig last weekend.

If you want to rock out like Benny in your very own Vendor Alley T-Shirt click here!

At Skies End will be playing in San Antonio, Texas at Robert’s work ( I think this is actually where a guy named Robert works, not a club named “Robert’s Work”) on September 6th 2008.

Party On Poppy!

  1. Hey, Sept 6th is the TAR convetion and I’ll be in San Antonio. I’ll drop in on the lad. Send me my Vendor Alley T so I can blend in with the kids,XXL.

    PS: Where does Robert Work?

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