Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Ian Morris gets it.


As you may have read HouseValues has rebranded itself as Market Leader. While I think this is so smart, on so many levels, I want to focus on Market Leaders’ CEO Ian Morris, larger message.

Granted HouseValues has taken its share of lumps, but this latest move shows you this company is a fighter. Down, but not out, this company has taken responsibility for its own future.

Like any great Kung-Fu movie, a fighter that has been beaten must go back in to the forest and reinvent themselves with a new philosophy, train, and come back stronger.


In an article in the Palm Beach Post newspaper Ian Morris states, “People are going to continue to buy and sell homes,” Morris said. “It’s an exciting time. Now is the time to double down.”

Exactamundo! “Double down”. I love that! I’ve written about this before. Ian is stating what many of us believe and echos a great quote for this industry.

“People have this business backwards. You need to cut expenses when the market is good because don’t need to spend the money, and you grow market share when the market is bad. So when the cycle turns, which it inevitably will, you’ve got a larger share”
– Chandler Barton-Former president of CEO of Coldwell Banker.

Sounds like Ian has snatched the pebble from Mr. Barton’s hand.

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