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CEO of Dominion Enterprises steps down.


Conrad M. Hall, President and CEO of Dominion Enterprises has stepped down.
Citing “spending more time with family” and working on volunteer projects he plans to leave the company at the end of January 2009. A successor has not been named.

Dominion Enterprises owns some of real estate technologies most well known brands, including Homes.com, Advanced Access, Best Image Marketing (Number1Agent), and eNeighborhoods.

Dominion Enterprises’ parent company, Landmark Communications, announced in January 2008 their intention of selling Dominion Enterprises. They failed to do so and announced last month that it would be “for several years before reinstituting the sales process, ”

Mr. Hall turned 65 last month. He joined Landmark in 1970 as a financial analyst. According to a recent article “He has led Trader Publishing and Dominion Enterprises for their entire existence – 17 years.” and was quoted saying “It’s important to do what you really enjoy doing,” he said, “because life’s pretty short.”

Happy Trails Conrad!

  1. I work for Mr. Hall but at a different location than the Norfolk headquarters. I have only met him once but he sat down and talked to me like we were old friends. I think his dedication to his work as well as his employees is very sincere. I have never heard anyone who had a bad thing to say about him. He will be missed.

  2. Having worked for Trader/Dominion Enterprises for 7 years in the Home Office it is easy to attest to the integrity, vision and leadership that Mr. Hall brought to this organization. The depth of his knowledge, his grasp of mutliple industries and his ability to project trends is unique and will be sorely missed.

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