Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Jon Stewart is a national hero.

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart interviewed Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money. He’s been calling the network out for hypocrisy all week.

“You knew what the banks were doing and yet you were touting it for months and months. The entire network was. And so, now to pretend that this was some sort of crazy, once in a life tsunami that nobody could have seen coming is disingenuous at best and criminal at worst….Who side are they on [CNBC]? It feels like they have to reconcile; is their audience the wall street traders that are doing this for constant profits on a day to day, the short term? These guys at these companies were on a Sherman’s March through their companies financed by our 401Ks. And all the incentives of their companies were for short term profit and they burned the fucking house down with our money and walked away rich as hell, and you guys knew that was going on.”

Word to the muther!

  1. I would like to see Jon Stewart talk that way to Ben Bernanke. Ben needs to be on television A LOT MORE. Everybody should be interviewing him.

  2. The people who allowed and did the leverage should pay. At least all the bonus paid against the securitizing and the like should be returned. It should go into a pool for the mortgagors.
    Jon Stewart actually was very eloquent and made good points. Jim Cramer was respectful and open to Jon’s ideas. It all makes sense.

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