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Is Rapattoni suing Concentric Software?

I’ve heard from multiple sources that Rapattoni has issued Concentric Software a cease and desist letter. Concentric Software website was down for a short time this morning, further fueling rumors.

Concentric’s founder is a former Rapattoni employee as are some of their key managers.

Can anyone else confirm or deny this???

If this is true is would be a huge stumbling block for CAR and CalREDD and its bid to be the state-wide MLS of California. It doesn’t say too much for their much touted vetting process either.

RUMOR has been denied by Rich Igou, Concentric’s founder.

Mike Silvas of CalREDD clarifies legal action toward Concentric Software. (SEE COMMENTS)

  1. This is old news. This surfaced in January and we did some due diligence to make sure it wasn’t real. We confirmed that they got a typical warning letter when they hired a Rappatoni employee about not using trade secrets and a noncompete —which is not enforceable in California–and their attorney responded. There has been neither an actual or threatened litigation dealing with
    Concentric Software. We welcome a side by side comparison by anyone as
    that will provide ample evidence of the superiority of the Concentric technology and differences. We are hopeful that a respected vendor like Rappatoni would not be the source of such tactics and are certain there is enough room for all vendors with integrity to compete on the merits
    of their products. CalREDD is confident Concentric software will
    withstand whatever scrutiny users, Associations and MLSs wish to give it as the technology of the future.

  2. Thanks for the clarification Mike. So it looks like Concentric was served a letter, but due to an employee’s non-compete.

    Not sure what you mean that Rappatoni “would not be the source of such tactics”, it seems perfectly reasonable they would try to protect themselves.

    Since Concentric is not up and operational, anywhere that I know of, it will be hard to do a side by side comparison of Concentric’s “superiority” as the “technology of the future.

    Can’t wait to see this thing in action, sounds very impressive!

  3. We just announced the signing of four contracts in California and those are in the transition phase and we expect they will go live around June 1 or so.
    The press release is going out today.

  4. Interesting press release.


    I suppose this also means that these boards are planning to dissolve their existing MLSs since the calREDD model is one single MLS board of directors and one set of rules, and simply retail the calREDD MLS services to their members.

    That’s a big step, especially given the lack of a proven MLS product from Concentric.

    I’m sure the volunteer leaders of these boards will reap the benefits of this decision by getting appointed to important committee assignments at the State Association. That’s understandable when the decision is based on politics.

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