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Dominion Enterprises acquires Prune Juice company.

by Greg Robertson on April 1st, 2009

In its first acquisition, since it failed attempt to sell itself, Dominion Enterprises appears to be diversifying.

Sam the happy Prune Farmer

Sam the happy Prune Farmer

Sam Cloverfield was surprised when a man in a dark blue suit showed up to his farm and said he was from “Norfolk, Virginia” and wanted to buy his prune farm and prune juice manufacturing business.

Prune Juice

Prune Juice

Mr. Cloverfield balked at Dominion’s first offer but came to settle on what he refereed to as a “fair price”.

In a related story, a company wide memo was sent to all Dominion Enterprise employees. The memo gave instructions on how to operate the newly installed coin operated locks on employee restrooms.



  1. Nice…

  2. Mike permalink

    Really Greg. The bathroom lock was over the line. I mean my God man we don’t need you giving them IDEAS!

  3. Sam permalink

    Prune Juice? That is so fitting! Only management should have the locks on the bathrooms!

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