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Trulia announces huge profits, employees quit citing "coolness factor", "gone".

by Greg Robertson on April 1st, 2009
Sami Inkinen, Trulia Co-Founder

Sami Inkinen, Trulia Co-Founder

“It was like somebody yelled FIRE”, cited one observer on Market Street in San Francisco near Trulia’s headquarters. “They all just left.”

Rudy, outside Zillow's offices in Seattle.

Rudy, outside Zillow's offices in Seattle.

Former Trulia employee Rudy Bachraty announced his departure over Twitter. “I’m outta here! Income was never part of the equation, the magic is gone.”

  1. Rudy permalink

    Nice April fools joke Greg!

    Watch me on Twitter today to see some real magic and why I love working for Trulia!!!!!

    Social Media Guru at

  2. I am disappionted that Sami did not wear his truliaa outfit for today’s presentaion.

  3. Crap. I hope Rudy didn’t quit. Why *do* you love Trulia so much, Rudy?


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