Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Marc, of 1000Watt Consulting, has some advice for all of us…

Guilty as charged! Oh wait, is that another cliche??

The top ten things that kill real estate vendor website copy

  1. I should have commented over at 1000 Watt, but one of the issues is that the term ‘real estate professional’ is used because NAR gets on us about using REALTOR.

  2. Good point. I am aware of Realtor.com’s pressure regarding the use of the term. But there are other terms that can equally address all members of the industry without lumping them into a bucket that most don’t belong in. When vendors do that, I feel they actually harm the minority of Realtors that actually live up to professional standards.

  3. The occasional use of real estate professional is fine when used in context with certain professional individuals segments or groups. But when addressing the entire industry at large which include many brand new, or part timers… I suppose agents or real estate people/folks or those who work inside the real estate industry seems appropriate.

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