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Really Rapattoni? Really??


  1. Back in December, talking about Rapattoni’s aborted Lock-box, you said, “I think that took a lot of guts to take on a project like that, but even a bigger set of balls to make the decision to drop it. That’s what is called confidence”.
    It did take guts, balls, and confidence, it also took a lot of MONEY!!
    What, who or how does Concentric finance their development, with all those high price ex-Rapattoni people??

  2. @Mr. Curious Good question. I would assume they have an or a couple investors and I’m sure they got some money upfront for their CalREDD contract.

    Unless you know something, we don’t. In which case, I’m “Mr. Curious”.

  3. The $3 million dollar line of credit established in January from C.A.R. to CalREDD I suspect is a likely source of some of the money.

  4. On one hand, Andy and Nikki Rappatoni are very NICE people who have surrounded themselves with some equally nice, very low key, very AGREEABLE managers!
    On the other hand, Andy is very UNHAPPY about the lack of loyalty shown by those who jumped ship!
    And, you don’t last for decades on nothing but a smile!
    I’m CURIOUS……. about what is coming???

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