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FNRES kisses its name goodbye!

Check out the press release at the bottom of this post:

If I understand this correctly the MLS division is no longer called FNRES anymore. They will now be now known as LPS Real Estate Group. Or maybe just LPS. And it looks like Cyberhomes becomes more of a product name, not known as a division name as previously.

(You gotta wonder whether or not these guys order a full box of business cards!)


“LiPS” is a good name, since you have to kiss so much ass in this industry! ; )

Good luck to Jay Gaskill, John Hensley and Marty Frame.

Lender Processing Services Announces Formation of LPS Real Estate Group
from Acquisition of FNRES Holdings and Cyberhomes, LLC
New LPS Division to Provide Powerful Tools, Data and Content to the Real Estate Industry

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – June 30, 2009 – Lender Processing Services, Inc. (NYSE: LPS), a leading provider of integrated technology and services to the mortgage and real estate industries, today announced the formation of the LPS Real Estate Group. The new division was created as a result of the acquisition and rebranding of the businesses comprising FNRES Holdings, Inc., which includes two primary businesses: FNRES MLS and Cyberhomes, LLC.
The LPS Real Estate Group will include the LPS businesses that support the real estate market, including services and solutions for Multiple Listing Services and associations, franchisors, brokers, settlement services providers, agents, lenders and media technology companies. These businesses include innovative tools such as Paragon;™ the reInsight™ collection; rDesk® Website, Broker Suites, rDesk® IDX; TransactionPoint®; DocCentral; Cyberhomes, the Cyberhomes Real Estate Advertising Network that generates revenue for its publishers; as well as a robust real estate property and tax database that includes 285 million residential and commercial property, ownership, sales, assessment and mortgage records. The current executive management team for FNRES Holdings will continue to lead the LPS Real Estate Group division.
“The proliferation of the Internet, the advent of new technologies and challenging market conditions have created a new age in the real estate market,” said LPS Real Estate Group President Jay Gaskill. “We are excited that this new LPS division will provide capabilities to anticipate the evolving needs of our customers and to deliver exciting new solution sets for their immediate and long-term benefit.”
The LPS Real Estate Group has relationships with more than 300 MLS organizations and many of the nation’s largest brokers and settlement services companies and the division’s businesses provide technology applications and data to more than 350,000 real estate professionals.
According to Gaskill, “There are a few themes that seem to resonate with our business clients. First, everyone is looking for new ways to generate revenue. Second, real estate agents are looking for tools and content to help them increase the value of their services and offer additional value-added services to consumers, who are becoming more self-sufficient. Finally, everyone is looking for ways to reduce operating costs. The depth and breadth of the LPS Real Estate Group’s tools and services will enable us to deliver on these critical customer needs by empowering our partners in the real estate industry.”
More information on the LPS Real Estate Group can be found at www.lpsreg.com.

  1. This isn’t a name change, it’s an acquisition by LPS of these assets from FNRES and Fidelity is now out of the MLS and membership business if I’m reading this correctly.

    I think this is a fire sale and have to wonder if this is going to last. If I were an MLS customer of theirs I would be looking at this very carefully.

  2. @RE this is not a fire sale as you mentioned, let’s be very clear! This is a rebranding of FNRES holdings as LPS Real Estate Group. Clients will continue to receive unparalleled products and support.


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