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I got much love for all you Vendors out there....
I got much love for you Vendors out there....

Alice from Inman News has the hook up for Vendor Alley readers today.

First up

“No Vendor left behind”
Everyone has that guy/girl in the office that wants to go to Inman this year but because of budget cuts can’t. Well not anymore. Vendor Alley readers who already purchased 2 conference passes can add a third for only $399. That’s over $500 in savings!

So bring them along! They’ve been working hard, and deserve a business trip to San Francisco. They will come back energized and ready to continue to do the work of the 3 other people you laid off last year!!

Contact Madelyn at 510-658-9252 x122 or madelyn at inman dot com to get the deal, make sure you mention Vendor Alley.


“Vendor Cocktail Tables.”
Alice also informs me that they only have 4 demo stations left. Demo stations are cool, just enough room to have a sign, a laptop and still have space for your glass of gin and tonic.

She is going to give Vendor Alley readers first dibs on a super deal. But you have to contact her for details ( hmmmm secret pricing). These won’t last long, contact Alice at 510-658-9252 x124 or allice at inman dot com.

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