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Inman Connect-Day One Recap

REBarCamp SF at Trulia HQ
Lunch at The Dock
Pre-“Beer for Bloggers” drink at Maxfields
Dave and Bud at bar, making every one curious.
Shared cab to “Beer for Bloggers” with a few Canadians.
Scored drink tickets from Alice.
Stalked by paparazzi!
Left for dinner to Bourbon and Branch, per Suzanne‘s recommendation
Silly Suzanne! Bourbon and Branch serves no food!
Cafe Monoco is just down the street!
Dave and Bud pop up again. What’s up with Mr IS and Mr Ed?
Landed at the Redwood Room at The Clift. Trulia markerheads and Twitterati are abound. Left for the Palace at Midnight, but the last call at Maxfields was at 11:45PM : (

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