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Thursday night at Inman…..

The super secret after party was a huge success! Many thanks to Kelly Roark for suggesting Tony Niks! I’m not sure they knew what hit them, we might have to give them warning next time! We had a great crowd of people who showed up and brought it! Kelly and I have some ideas for Inman in NYC, so get ready.

Several things going on tonight. Most of us will be at the Black Magic Voodoo Lounge where Sweet Michael Hayes will be guest bar tending. Don’t bother getting there till late, action starts around 11PM.

black magic 2

Other private parties are going on. Not sure if I’m going to make them all, but we are gonna do our best so that you, our loyal reader, will get the full scoop.

And remember the last call at House of Shields is at 1:45AM.

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