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Don't they end up killing prophets?

Fresno MLS’ conversion to calREDD’s Concentric MLS system has hit the main stream media, or at least Inman News.

In an article called “New MLS service catches heart-Bumpy start for CALMLS’s calREDD” writer Erik Pisor does his best to cover all angles. Lots of spinning going on, from the people interviewed in the article along with some of the comments.

In the article Erik quotes one of my blog posts

‘ The concept and launching of calREDD has also drawn skepticism from others in the vendor community.

“Greg Robertson, co-founder of W&R Studios and former vice president and general manager of real estate tech company eNeighborhoods, prophesized in his Vendor Alley blog that “calREDD will soldier on as a solution for smaller associations in the state, and ultimately fail.” ‘


“Prophesized”? Really? I’m sure “predicted” would have sufficed, or maybe I should change the name of the blog to “Vendor Buddha” (although some might relate the change in name to my girth and not Erik’s choice of words!

Clairvoyance aside, this story has so much drama and intrigue I can’t wait to see what happens next!


It’s almost sounds like one of Billy Shakespeare’s plays..

The Fair Maiden(s)
The 155,000 REALTOR(R) members of C.A.R. need rescuing! And of course Ed Krafchow (who really doesn’t qualify as a “maiden”, but work with me here.)

The Jealous King
C.A.R having the audacity to think it can start/run a statewide MLS (calREDD). “One ring to rule them all!”

The Old Guard
MLS Provider leadership who see calREDD “as a solution is search of a problem”.

The Young Upstarts
Concentric; C.A.R.’s MLS Vendor of choice for calREDD. An untested group of people and technology formed by former Rapattoni employees.

The Irony
Rapattoni is losing business to a company who was started by former employees.

The Knights Of The Round Table

More Irony
calREDD joins CARETS. WTF?

We’re only in ACT I and a new show, which promises to be a blockbuster is less than a month away!

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