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Secret Fresno MLS calREDD memo leaked!

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Fresno MEMO

  1. Wow. No adds or edits. Sounds like calredd was sent home but took everyone’s stuff with them. Talk about burning a bridge.

  2. All of which could have been avoided had the Fresno Board of Directors not been blinded by political ambition and allegiance to C.A.R. This is a huge black eye for C.A.R., as well, especially during a time when they should be doing things to help their members make more money and be more successful.

    calREDD was, and still is, a solution in search of a problem and a HUGE waste of the members time and membership dues. Very sad.

  3. You people are amazing. That memo was sent to the entire Fresno memebrship. What is so secret about that.
    The techinal problems are Rappatoni’s in this instance not CalREDD’s

  4. Mr. Silvas’ response clearly demonstrates that he is far removed from what the working agent was experiencing in Fresno from the use of this very incomplete MLS system which was chock full of technical problems, run by an inexperience board of directors at calREDD and C.A.R.

  5. As an IDX vendor, we just invested thousands of dollars to make this change to RETS, with no new revenue to the cover the cost to implement. So we ate the cost. Now we have to put it all back to the way it was. We will be eating that cost too. I wish I could feed my family “cost”, because I have a lot of it. What we need is food. Thank you Fresno MLS for operating in a bubble of your own little world.

    Is Fresno the only MLS quitting the calREDD system? Is calREDD really dead? Or just for Fresno? I have a fear that in about 3 months I am going to get another email that say… OK, you have a week to switch to this new system, like we did the last time.

  6. Since Rapattoni has more than 50% market share in California you would think Mr. Silvas would learn to spell their name correctly.

  7. IMHO, install “issues” are normally contained to the market or competing vendors (unspoken rule in a battle for business). Appears this was ugly early so rules were out the window, and now is very public and driven by politics. If the roll out had been driven by product readiness instead of the politics might have different results.

  8. @Mark I was right there with you. But monitoring situations like these in the “press” allowed me to build in a lot of contingency into the relationship. CalREDD may not be dead, but you will probably won’t here from them until next year.

  9. We should have known from the beginning that Cocentric was a joke! The demo put on for Realtors was more like a R&D session with all our questions being answered “we are working on that feature.” Mike Silvas take a hike your just mad because you won’t profit. I bet you sold option ARM loans and hyped it up like you do Cocentric!!

  10. I frankly liked the CalRedd system or should I say the idea behind it. The MLS system needs to be a statewide system. While the Rapattoni may work, the system is outdated and NOT browser friendly whatsoever. In today’s business world, online data bases need to be written so they are not browser or OS specific. They need to not only run under Windows but Linux as well as MAC OSX. CalRedd ran beautifully under all of the systems and browsers. Hopefully Rapattoni will take a hint and rewrite their software…

  11. I can’t speak for Merced, but Madera is staying with CalRedd at this point….. with no input from the members. I believe the majority of members want to switch to RAP but I don’t believe the current board is going to put it to vote or pursue any other system.

  12. I am a member of Madera Association of realtors n and even though there was some problems with calredd, they did a great job at fixing them fairly quickly. I like calredd alot better than our older MLS. If you were patient you would have a better and easier future! Good luck with waiting for all the updates in the Fresno MLS.

  13. There are still many problems with Calredd. Yes the Calredd system is better than paragon but thats not saying much. Please explain how Calredd will be better in the future, without the explantion that a statewide is coming. The truth is that there was never going to be a statewide as they advertised, all the major MLS’s in the state aren’t going to touch Calredd. They should just say what it is…a good idea that needs a lot of work. That applies to the Calredd software, programming, user interface, and a statewide system in general.

  14. Sad that this is happening. Rapattoni is a substandard product. They stood up and told us about rolling out the Firefox compatible version this summer and …… that was just a ploy to calm down our MLS from considering CALREDD. Now that CALREDD was dealt a huge blow, Rapattoni can sit back and under-serve as they have all along.

    We need Vendor competition so we can have product that is a little more progressive than our loyalty to the age of Thermal Paper Fax machines.

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