Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Behind the scenes at the calREDD bunker….

This is too funny!

  1. There is a whole bunch of these “Hilter rants” parodies. If you liked this one check out.

    Hitler rants about the Global Financial Crisis

    Hilter learns Michael Jackson has died

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  3. The parody referencing calredd would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad for the MLS membership.

    Still, the person who made it should be writing for Leno:0)

  4. You offensive a**! This is appalling & you should be embarrassed! Your material is insensitive & despicable.That you would choose Hitler & the Nazis to depict the EVP & staff at CAR demonstrates not only your lack of sensitivity to the most horrific period of our time but it also exhibits your lack of character.While the writing is humorous, the direct impact the holocaust had on many staff members at C.A.R. is far from funny.I would be embarrassed to be your friend, colleague or family member.

  5. Here is another thought....

    Kim.. really… really? So in your eyes the writing is humorous but also offensive, insensitive, and despicable. Seems like you are throwing out a major dichotomy to me.

    CAR is so far over their heads, blowing through millions of $$$ of money with little to no accountability, and generally taking a bully’s attitude towards the primary MLS operators in the state who, by the way, represent the very same members – all in the name of ‘what’ (saving money??)! At the end of this tragic period, CAR will finally recognize its efforts as yet another colossal failure, sweep the remains under the rug, write off more than $3 MILLION, and lay blame everywhere but at their own feet.

    I, for one, count Greg as a man of strong character, a fantastic friend, and a strong business colleague. Would even go as far as to say he is my ‘brother-in-arms’ against stupidity in this industry from the likes of CAR. So, understand, he doesn’t stand alone in bringing this entire fiasco into the bright lights.

  6. I loved the video. I nearly fell off my chair laughing. I hope to play it in sales meeting, and I’m passing it around to fellow Fresno Realtors who would appreciate the humor.

  7. Kim … Let’s take a deep breath and relax. This video is clearly a parody intended to present legitimate questions about calREDD and their novice MLS efforts. It is not an attempt to associate any C.A.R. leader or staff member with the vehicle used to present the parody. I suppose the author could have chosen a 3 Stooges clip or maybe something from Titanic but you really need a foreign language segment to make the subtitles work.

    There are very real and important issues raised by the parody. For almost 3 years, calREDD has approached the MLS as a political issue and minimized the technical. Apparently, they believed their own propaganda. They spend almost 2 years chastising the MLS community for their vendor-centric services. calREDD is now doing exactly what they railed against. Overall, they made just about every rookie mistake in the system development and implementation process possible. Either they were naive or arrogant, or possibly a combination of both.

    More important than the technical issues is the radioactive wasteland they have left in Fresno. What is the half-life of the damage they did to the relationship between the Fresno REALTOR® community and the Association? How long will it be before the membership trusts their “leadership” again?

    All this for “only” $3,000,000, so far, if you don’t include the cost of C.A.R. staff time and resources!

    At the end of the video is reference to CARETS. That group states it has a user base of over 100,000 users and has been operational for a year. MLSListings, Inc has been servicing their membership for a couple of years. Quattro has had their model running for several years. If you combine these three entities, they cover 75 to 80% of the MLS users in the state. Yet, calREDD continues to promote itself as “the statewide MLS”. Really?

    The real question is how long will it be before the C.A.R. Directors recognize that the “Emperor has no clothes”?

  8. Really..yes really. Please understand I take no issue with any grievances, anger, frustration, questions or claims about CalREDD or C.A.R. (I mean I do but on a personal level only.) That is for others to sort out, people who have more experience and background related to this topic, such as yourself, Greg and those at C.A.R. My response was a purely emotionally one reacting to the setting on which the words were placed. Trust me if this dialogue would have been set to the three stooges, titanic or some other artifact, as others here have suggested, you would never have heard from me and I would have thought it a creative and entertaining form of rhetoric. (Note, this is the first time in my life I have posted to a site in this type of format.) The thing that made me react in a such a visceral and emotional way was imagining the individuals I know personally from C.A.R. who lost family in the Holocaust or had family survive but knew what they experienced first hand. These people were portrayed as a Nazi or even worse Hitler. This is what I take issue with not the content of your message.

  9. Satire:

    * Main Entry: sat·ire
    * Pronunciation: \ˈsa-ˌtī(-ə)r\
    * Function: noun
    * Etymology: Middle French or Latin; Middle French, from Latin satura, satira, perhaps from (lanx) satura dish of mixed ingredients, from feminine of satur well-fed; akin to Latin satis enough — more at sad
    * Date: 1501

    1 : a literary work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule or scorn
    2 : trenchant wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly
    synonyms see wit

  10. Kim…I don’t know you but from reading your post you’re a nut case. You either are not a member of the Fresno MLS or you are and don’t sell any real estate. If you did you would have been negatively effected financially like everyone else that bust their asses working 7 days a week who take their jobs seriously. Calredd is undeveloped software designed by novice programmers and the members of CAR responsible for its release should be dismissed immediately. If you like the product so much go start your own blog hyping it up, I am confident you will be more of a lonely sole that you already appear to be. Go beat your drum somewhere else, no one here wants to hear your crap. There was no intent in that video to offend anyone that from the Hitler era. If you cannot see the Satire and comedic relation of the video to our real life situation then to bad for you, go see a psychiatrist. The video is quite hilarious and a must see for all!! So go crawl back in your hole and go back to sleep. You are not in touch with reality lady.

  11. Fresno Realtor/Broker

    I say “ditto” to what “Broker Owner” said to “Kim Sharp”! Who by the way…is NOT a member of the FRESNO MLS!
    She/He must be with C.A.R./Calredd or Concentric Software!

  12. Thanks for the feedback…as Greg and I have been communicating, we do both agree that we appreciate the opportunity for open dialogue. I’ve never claimed to be a member of the Fresno MLS and if you read my most recent post you will see that I have also have never claimed that any of you are wrong in your opinions or grievances of CalREDD…guess that part was overlooked. Have a great day!

  13. Fresno Realtor/Broker

    Hello Kim…

    Your Quote!
    “if you read my most recent post you will see that I have also have never claimed that any of you are wrong in your opinions or grievances of CalREDD”
    What about your below statement?
    “Please understand I take no issue with any grievances, anger, frustration, questions or claims about CalREDD or C.A.R. (I mean I do but on a personal level only.)

    Oh I see …”I do but only on a Personal level!”
    Well then… that makes it better!
    Like we give a crap what you think on this subject on a personal level or otherwise!

  14. Sounds like you have some major issues going on in the REALTOR community in California … but do you really want it out there for the world to watch & read?

    IMHO: None of the above including the video portays the level of Professionalism we strive for as REALTORS. I hope you can work out the issues soon … before it gets any messier!

    Good Luck

  15. I have seen all the parodies on this clip there is. While I originally was entertained, I think that this type of material intended or unintended is probably not a good choice for this subject. It’s one thing when making fun of XBOX 360, but when there is a chance that people can be connected, then I think we should reconsider.

    Before reading the comments to this post I was informed that there are personnel at CAR directly affected by the Holocaust.

    We 65 years later, without a direct connection to that event we probably should consider how it might affect those who were/are.

    I went to Italy in 2003. My Plane stopped in Frankfurt for a few hours and I could hear the ground cry out in that country. The Holocaust was a very dark time in human history we can’t let time diminish that.

    I posted a link on Twtter to the video the other day. I apologize to those I offended.

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