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The Best CMLS Ever!

Shelley Specchio
Shelley Specchio

“Do we know how to throw a party or what?” Shelley Specchio told the audience on Friday afternoon.

Well, the reviews are in and everyone agrees this was one of the best, if not THE BEST, CMLS ever. Early reports were that this CMLS was going to be something special and Shelley, CEO of Northern Nevada Regional MLS (NNRMLS) and her team didn’t disappoint. With the support of Merri Jo Cowen CMLS 2009 set a new bar that is going to be hard to beat.

Merri Jo Cowen
Merri Jo Cowen

Here are some of the highlights….

Brad Inman gave the keynote. He had just launched his latest enterprise, Vook.com, in New York the day before. He spoke about innovation. Despite his busy schedule he gave a memorable presentation that many speakers referenced later. Brad chided the industry for supporting legacy “people”/systems/thinking and not being more innovative and to push to “create a vibrant marketplace”, and how innovation is “young person’s sport” and encouraged MLS providers to recruit as many young people to board positions. Some comments were a bit controversial but resonated for the rest of the conference.

Each presentation was given a TV Show theme. This added a bit of fun for both the presenters/panelists and the audience.

The content. There was furious note taking during all the sessions.

The voting keypads. Very cool interative tech for this kind of conference.

The Fannie Mae girls ladies. Interesting perspective.

Two words. Bud Fogel. Hilarious!

Jeopardy and Family Feud. (You knew I was going to say that!)

Opal- If you don’t know, then don’t ask.

Sports Center with Brian Larson and Kevin McQueen. This was scheduled as a two hour open forum on topics selected by CMLS attendees earlier in the conference. To me this was a high-risk program that could really have really gone bad. But CMLS attendees made the 2 hours fly by. Brian Larson did his normal fantastic job as he and Kevin kept things going giving great insight and audience participation.

CMLS Crossfire-Marilyn Wilson from The WAV Group, as classy and elegant as ever, played a perfect “straight man” to Larry Lomito as the CMLS crowd howled with laughter!

Speaking of The WAV Group, Victor Lund on Friday night dancing with his daughter was too precious and brought a smile to everyone’s face.

Speaking of Friday night, one word. Jam Sandwich!

Ice cream at the end of the last session on Friday. Nice touch!

I’m sure I’m leaving many things out so fill the comments with your favorites moments of CMLS 2009!

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