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Listingbook lets go senior staff members.

Listingbook just defies logic. It’s a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma, hidden in the center of a maze.

These guys have been both on fire and on ice.

Now I hear that Listingbook has recently let go some of its senior staff including well respected industry veteran Ira Luntz.

Ira Luntz
Ira Luntz

Let’s take a look at Listingbook’s site performance.


Okay, so agent’s love them, they had multiple mentions in the New York Times, they continue to sign MLS accounts, and their site traffic is taking off like a rocket ship. What’s next?

LAYOFFS, of course!!

Layoffs Listingbook? Really? REALLY?

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time I heard about a company owner making really bad decisions and well intentioned/performing employees taking it up the a** as a result.

UPDATE (12:27PM 10/2/2009)
Inman News reports “Management changes at Listingbook LLC“. Read the story and decide if we got the story wrong or not.

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