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A day at the races


Things have shifted. Not sure when it happen but something struck me the other day. The same two names keep popping up.


In recent bids those two names seem to be trading slots as either the number one choice or number two choice for MLS systems that are currently out for bid.

Not Tempo, not Paragon, not Rapattoni.


Both companies could not be more different. One manages their own data/hosting center (FBS), one does not (Tarasoft), one offers end user support (FBS), one does not (Tarasoft). One is a Canadian company (Tarasoft), one is U.S. (FBS). One is a thin client (Tarasoft), one is browser based (FBS). Both are privately held, albeit FBS is an ESOP. Mike Wurzer has a pretty high profile in the MLS industry through his widely read FBS blog and speaking/moderating panels at industry conferences. Tarasoft’s leadership keeps a lower profile.

A recent controversial report put out by Goomzee lists FBS has have 42 113 MLS accounts, and Tarasoft has having 15. And a lot of Tarasoft’s accounts are big ones! But it does leave them vulnerable (losing just one of those will put a dent in revenue.)

FBS has been reinventing themselves as a state of the art MLS system led by MLS industry guru Mike Wurzer along with recently hired Dave Rifkin as VP of Sales. A lot of people were surprised when they signed ARMLS, but anyone who has been watching knows these guys have been marching towards larger MLS providers for some time now.

Seain Conover and Brian de Schepper at Tarasoft have taken their own road towards success. They have some of the largest MLS providers in the country, MRIS, RMLS, MRMLS, to name a few. They have also announced MLSListings and NWMLS. That’s a huge agent footprint!


It will be interesting to see what’s next for these two unique companies as they trade the lead in each race. Plus, you gotta wonder how Marketlinx, LPS, and Rapattoni are going to respond. VROOOOOM Baby!!

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  2. Great post, as usual. I’ve seen a good mix of companies being awarded contracts in selection processes I’ve been involved with over the past year and I’m so glad we have a highly competitive MLS system market with 21 companies innovating and vying for the business.

    FBS doesn’t have 42 accounts – they have somewhere closer to 113 (I’m sure Michael will pipe up with the exact count).

  3. Thanks Matt. This Goomzee report is not “controversial”, just “inaccurate”! I should have gone to Clareity first!

    I made the correction and wait and see if any body gives me an exact number. I also tightened up the hosting language.

  4. @Mr. Concerned No idea. I assume they are doing their best to make sure their other MLS installations go well. Just like the old saying goes, you aren’t measured by how many times you get knocked down, but how you respond.

  5. We hear the similar things when speaking with many MLS that are shopping. Also Dyna comes up a lot. One MLS we’re talking to actually abandoned (kept paying until term) their current provider and chose another, both are the larger ones – wow!

    Greg, thanks for the press. No inaccuracies in our survey and just reported the facts based on 400 MLS respondents which is clearly stated throughout; please also be “accurate” in your reporting as well – thanks!

    See ya next month. I’ll try to think up some more controversy before NAR, I promise. 😉

  6. @Mike No problem. Since you were only tracking respondents I guess the data you gave was technically correct in the context given. “Confusing” would have been a better word than “controversial”.

    So, I did a survey and asked all MLS Vendors to tell me what they thought of the report. 100% of the MLS Vendors, that responded, said it was lame. Go figure. ; )

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