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Every N.A.R. Convention is a snowflake…

Snowflake: formation (DI00310)

I’m counting the days. 22 days, to be exact. 22 days until San Diego is engulfed with the Realtors and Vendors from all over the country. “Chart a winning course” is the theme for the 2009 REALTORS┬« Conference & Expo.

3 things I know:

A lot of deal making is going on…
A lot of typing is being done by developers…
And a whole lot of bullshit is being thrown around…

3 things I’m curious about:

How many people will show up?
Anyone got any money to spend?
How do they feel about the future?

What I also know is that 2, maybe 3 big announcements have a chance of being announced, one of them a game changer.

What should you be looking out for? Here’s a few clues….

The Amalgamator
The Swoop
and The Tumbler

But then again, every N.A.R annual convention is a snowflake, no one is like another. Then, just before you know it, it all it melts away….

  1. I can at least answer the ‘how many people are coming’ question. NAR said 19,000.

    They also said 25% of the people registered were vendors (can they really count this???). 27% are broker/owners, 19% are brokers, 33% are agents, 6% IT/Office mgers, and 15% assn execs.

  2. Yes, Sarah, they can really count this. The only way to get in is with a show badge and the only way to get a show badge is to register for the conference and the registration form asks lots of questions. What I find significant is the ratio of real estate agents/brokers to vendors.

    I think it’s significant to note that the total number of attendees is smaller than the number of agents in a small state like Massachusetts.

    I’ve been noticing a continual drop in participation at the MAR conference over the years and it appears that NAR is experiencing a similar phenomenon. Meanwhile, alternate events like REBARCamp seem to be growing faster than a California wildfire.

  3. Totally. There are of course the obvious factors of the economy and such. But I think some of it too is simply the venue. They always turn out big numbers in Vegas, and pretty good in Orlando. I think New Orleans will be the same as this year, or maybe worse.

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