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eNeighborhoods founder, Stu Siegel, to run NHL franchise.

Stu Hockey
Stu Siegel

The Miami Herald reported this weekend Stu Siegel may take over running The Florida Panthers, a NHL franchise hockey team.

I really hope this happens!

Stu is already a partner in Sunrise, Sports and Entertainment which owns the Bank Atlantic Center, the Panthers, and another hockey facility. Stu is a good friend, plays on a hockey team now, and has always been his dream to run a NHL club. Now it looks like that is going to happen.

One other thing I also know about Stu, that I’m sure will be an interest to the Panthers. He’s a winner.

Go get ’em Stu!!

[Miami Herald: Source: Florida Panthers owner in talks to step down as managing partner
Alan Cohen is in talks to bow out as general partner and let two of the minority owners run the Panthers.]

  1. I have played ice hockey my whole life and really enjoyed the couple of seasons I got to play with Stu on the Prowlers (Adult League team in SE Florida).

    Stu elevated my game on the ice–and taught me a ton of business lessons in the office.

    I will not be surprised at all to see Stu succeed with the Panthers.

    Best of luck!

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