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DocuSign inks deal with NAR


I’ve just learned that NAR’s Second Century Ventures (SCV) just made a significant investment in DocuSign.

DocuSign was recently in the news when it just announced a deal with FBS.

It’s been quite awhile since SCV has made any deals. The last deal was ePropertyData (ePD), a provider of commercial information exchange (CIE) services for the commercial real estate industry. That was back in March 2008.

I’ve also heard that they have been adding staff to SCV.
It will be interesting to see what Constance Freedman, Vice President of Strategic Investments of SCV, has up her sleeve next.

  1. Disappointing. The NAR deal means a two dollar savings per agent per month, and we are limited to 40 transmissions per month with a six dollar charge for every transmission over the limit.

    If I am a member of a large office (100) agents minimum. I can get the upgraded version for 12.02 per month. With unlimited monthly transactions.

    NAR should have been able (willing) to negotiate a stronger deal for its membership.

  2. Frank,
    Thanks for the post. This is great opportunity to point out what is actually included in the NAR Member Benefit offer.

    The NAR Member Benefits plan includes custom branding which would normally cost $60 per year, so the savings annually is $84.

    Launching in early Q1 is DocuSign’s new comprehensive REALTOR Advantage Plan that will be available to both current customers and new customers alike. The comprehensive plan will include all the features from both the Standard and Advanced into one compreshive package at a sizeable discount. Look for the announcement of our new product launch coming soon!

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