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Troy Rech, Super Internet Social Media Genius….

It’s rare when I see an idea that strikes me as so utterly brilliant and clever that I can only stop and stare at my computer screen in awe. But industry vet Troy Rech has done just that, a mashup that has brought together the hive mind that is the RE.net, waiting for your next flight, and an ordinary mobile phone with a camera.

Troy Rech, Father of ACoW

Prepare to waste the next 15 minutes of your life.


Airport Carpets of The World!!

  1. As point of clarification, the gallery is the collaborative efforts of iCarpet reporters from all over the world. Each airport carpet should identify the artist as well as provide my wandering, not well thought out description.

    Please enjoy and feel free to submit your pics directly to me at troy dot rech @ clareitysecurity.com

  2. Number of hits in the first 30 days is just over 11,000. So it seems people do have time to waste which completely destroys the old adage “time is a wastin'”.

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