Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

You can't make this shit up….

Just in case you missed it yesterday….

My only question is how much did Gregg Larson pay this guy? ; )

I kid…I kid!

  1. I assure you we just can’t make this stuff up.

    But to resolve similar situations, please call the sales team at Clareity Security immediately. (Shameless Plug)

    Our method actor (err. Mr. Stevens) goes by AntwanStevens on Twitter. I am now, of course, a follower of Antwan’s as he outlines ‘Options’ for other business models.

  2. This video is one of the prime examples as to why we have deployed 2-factor authentication. Not only do we see quite a few instances of this behavior, we even had people posting ads on Craig’s list to “share dues” to gain access to the MLS system, data, as well as ancillary services. In deploying 2-factor, we had a broker complain that “how dare we make his agents join the AOR and the MLS before their first commission check comes in!” He couldn’t understand why it’s not fair to give out free access to his agents why the other agents and brokers pay the bill for the service. We don’t want to even mention how many appraisal companies our 2-factor implementation caused to join the MLS. We had one appraisal company who actually had over 20 employees doing full work around the clock with only one membership. Thanks to Clareity for our 2-factor security to provide a proactive stop-gap to this behavior! Jeremy – Sandicor CIO

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