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Top 10 Vendor Moments of 2009

Top 10 Vendor Moments of 2009

Number 10…

Connect Create at Inman SF 2009. Diverse Solutions and Real Estate Web Masters went head to head on a challenge to develop an new real estate web app in less than 3 days. The spirit and enthusiasm of this event was truly something special. Can’t wait to see what happens in New York next month!

9. Connection 20?? Looks like the bad rep Connection developed for not allowing Vendors (even after Beth and Kurt nixed the idea for Connection 2009) has killed the event. na na na na, hey hey-ey, goodbye!

8. CMLS 2009! One of the best if not the best CMLS conference ever! Shelley and her crew hosted the event in Lake Tahoe and lots of fun and great content ensued!

7. The smile on Mike and Dave‘s face when they beat all comers in a grueling selection process for the right to be Tuscon Area’s MLS Vendor.

6. The smile on Seain and Brian‘s face when they realized they added over 50k new users in 2009 to Tarasoft’s Matrix platform.

5. The smile on Rapattoni‘s face when Fresno Association of REALTORs kicked out calREDD MLS and switched back to their Rapattoni MLS system.

4. The rise of CARETS. One MLS database to rule them all! Great for members, great for Vendors who only have to develop to one system and have access to over 100,000 members!

3. RPR. Call me an optimist but I think that Marty and his crew are smart enough to know that making robust APIs to RPR data will allow software developers to create fantastic new applications for N.A.R. members.

2. Social Media. Vendors have to realize that the advent of these new marketing channels are the best way to reach their clients. Vendors that embrace this will find themselves having a great 2010 and beyond.

and the number 1 top vendor moment of 2009 is….

1. The smile on Jay‘s face when they completed the deal with N.A.R. to be their exclusive vendor for the the RPR. LPS Real Estate Group has redefined what a big deal is in this industry.

  1. Have you heard about the lawsuit filed by Fresno Board of Realtors against members named as Doe Defendants 1-50?
    alleges as follows:

    1. “intentional interference with contractural relations”
    2. Defamation

    The lawsuit filed 11/30/09 is relating to the MLS transition to calRedd and then back to Rapattoni.

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