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Inman News put out a couple of lists over the holidays and I wanted to recognize some of those in the Vendor community and others that made the cut!

The first list was “Real Estate’s 50 Most Influential Online: 2009

According to the report…

“They are luminaries in the online world of real estate whose insight and commentary inspires other, provokes debate and incites change.”

Drew Meyers from Zillow, Reggie previously of Cyberhomes, now of RPR, Lani from Agent Genius, Rob Hahn, and Derek Overbey of Roost.

Another name that made the list, is yours truly!

Here’s an excerpt of what they said;

“Robertson’s Vendor Alley blog is sometimes humorous, sometimes down-and-dirty insider’s look at the real estate industry through the eyes of a vendor.”

Nice! And my apologies to the others who happen to find themselves on the same list as me!

Then the biggie. Inman’s “100 Most Influential Real Estate Leaders: 2009

“The people on this list embody leadership, innovation, ingenuity, power and persistence.”

Here are some of favorites and commentary….

Steve Berkowitz and Errol Samuelson made the cut. Not sure why Mr. Berkowitz is listed, if persistence is a key factor then Errol should be the only one from MOVE on the list!

Pete and Sami from Trulia (Do you think the Google rumors are true?)

I’ve got the same feeling about Dale Ross and Marty Frame as I do Berkowitz and Samuelson. Marty obviously should be listed, but Dale?

Nice to see Jay Gaskill from LPS Real Estate Group get some recognition, this guy is solid and LPS will be at the center of a lot of things in 2010.

Nice also to see Saul Klein, I love Saul and he is one of the industry’s good guys.

Jack Ross from Dominion Enterprises. This is a pretty lame choice. Peter Ill should be listed instead (I can feel him cringe as I write this!) , he runs the Home Media Division which includes eNeighborhoods, Homes.com, Advanced Access and Number1Expert.

James Saccacio
from RealtyTrac was also mentioned. RealtyTrac has been a absolute powerhouse in the industry. It will be interesting to see what’s next for Jim in 2010.

Andy Rapattoni also made the cut along with Mike Wurzer from FBS. Wurzer was not listed on the top 50 most influential online list, a glaring oversight in my opinion. Perhaps this will be a call to action for Mike to start writing a bit more often (pretty please Mike!)

Also good to see Brian Larson be recognized.

Listed in the Notable section of the report:

Brian Boero, Marc Davison and recent addition Joel Burslem of 1000Watt Consulting. I love, love, love, these guys. They have the perfect match of smarts and creative.

Gregg Larson also was listed under notables. I not sure many people give the credit Gregg and his team deserves for what they have contributed to the industry . I would have also liked to see Matt Cohen listed as well.

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  1. I have been reticent recently and I’m not completely certain why that is, but quick reflection reveals that: (1) I’ve said a lot already; and (2) I’m waiting for something to change what I’ve already said.

    Given what I know about things we’re working on at FBS and what I suspect others are working on, I think 2010 will be very interesting and so my posting frequency very well may pick up.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out Greg – but I don’t mind being quietly in the background on industry evolution. I’m happy to consult and contribute, supporting those that are more craving of the limelight.

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