Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Looking for a new gig? Inman News is hiring…

Alice asked me to post this for them:

1) Conference sponsorship and registration sales:

Ideal candidate has contacts in real estate/tech industry, must be willing to travel extensively.

2) Group sales:

Sell various products including membership and event registrations to real estate brokerages, associations, MLS, and other organizations in the real estate industry. Contacts and experience in Real Estate very helpful.

3) Online ad sales and operations:

Ad trafficking involved, must be highly organized and tech-savvy, entry or junior level acceptable. Limited travel requirement.

I’m look for someone who:
-Rocks the phone (isn’t the phone the best sales tool around?)
-Can talk intelligently to people at all levels including C-level executives and entrepreneurs
-Cold call
-Follow through
-Loves to close business!
-Is creative but understand how to put a deal together that works for the client AND the company
-Is willing to travel ~50% (jobs #1 & #2 above)
-Is interested in technology

-prefer local to Bay Area but I’m flexible on jobs #1 & 2 for the right person with the right contacts.

Interested candidates should send their cover letter and resume to salesjobs at inman dot com.

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