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“Life of a Realtor” Video

by Greg Robertson on February 1st, 2010

At a recent 2010 Fidelity Title Kick-off  at the Hyatt in Westlake outgoing president of the Conejo Valley Association of Realtors, Connie Reed, of Aviara Real Estate, and Lisa Anglin of Fidelity Title performed a skit called “Life of a Realtor”.  And lucky for us the cameras were rolling!

Many thanks to Vendor Alley reader Niki for sharing this with us.

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  1. Leslie Resnik permalink

    This skit is so well done, it should be on Broadway! We’ll call it “Realtors: The Musical.”

  2. Even though i am not a realtor, I thought this was so well done and very clever. Always looking for different ways to present.

  3. LOL! Great Job Ladies.

  4. Wonderful job! I’m buying!

  5. You rock Connie!

    What a creative, funny video. We’re not even realtors and we laughed outloud.

    When’s the encore?


  6. marcia bures permalink

    i loved it! Realtors are tough! They have to be – it’s a jungle out there!

  7. Connie & Lisa,
    Great job! That was soooo funny! I do believe I have those same clients right now 🙂

  8. Shirley Honus permalink

    This so called “Skit” sums up what many Realtors have lived this past year. We needed a good laugh, well done.


  9. Shirley Honus permalink

    This so called “Skit” is what many Realtors lived this past year. We needed a good laugh, great job.


  10. That was just great!

  11. Dana Vines permalink

    Adorable, and so clever…great job!

  12. Judy Michaelson permalink

    What a riot, Connie. You always have been amazingly creative at this kind of stuff. Here’s hoping 2010 is better for you and all the realtors!

  13. Good job Connie & Lisa, let me know if you are looking for an agent [talent that is]; on second thought, sounds more like a job for a mediator!

  14. Sorry, I don’t get it. All my clients are perfect.

    JUST KIDDING! I was slapping my knee laughing! Great insight and every Realtor (only the ones I like- you know who you ARE:) should listen & watch for therapeautic purposes.

  15. Jeni Kenotn permalink

    Having lived with a realtor for 20 years I can appreciate this!

    You all have a tough job and its been made tougher by the economy and the general publics viewpoint. I wish you all the best clients possible….ones like me who have been educated by the best in the biz!

  16. Barb Ireland permalink

    LOL – Great Job Connie and Lisa–Connie was my realtor, hey, I think I heard some of me in there, haha. Very creative!!!!!

  17. Vanessa Rice permalink

    You two could not have done a better job!! There is nothing like hearing the truth and getting to laugh at it!!

  18. Fernie Campos permalink

    Great job Ladies, you are great!! Very funny yet true!! Kudos to you both. Lisa, you never seize to amaze me!

  19. Need a manager? Top drawer!

  20. You’ve both missed your callings. Get out of real estate and into play writing and song writing. Very funny and clever.

  21. Brooke permalink

    Wow, this turned out great! So glad I got to see the behind the scenes of this masterpiece over coffee at Marie Calendars. Nice job Connie and Mommy dearest. 🙂

  22. i am speechless

  23. Wow! Does the Conejo Valley AOR require board members to take acting and singing lessons? Very talented, and hilarious!

  24. mark quandt permalink

    what a great duo!! its a great and true story told in a way that everyone in our industry can appreciate and relate to!!!

  25. Hilarious!! You HAVE to do this at NAR!!!

  26. Wow, that was like soooo real and well done! Loved it.

  27. That was GREAT!!!

  28. Awesome video! Indeed a very good job. “Dedicated to delivering more than the cus…” such a great line in there. The whole work by the group is really commendable. Ya Lets hope 2011 will be better for you and for all the Realtors.

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