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Vendor Alley Jobs Board is live!

I’m happy to announce the creation of a new “jobs board” for the real estate industry! Since I get a fair amount of readers from all facets of the real estate industry I didn’t limit the jobs listed to just vendors.

The URL is http://Jobs.VendorAlley.com

My wish is for this to become a central hub for anyone involved in the real estate industry; whether a vendor, MLS, association, title company, franchisor, or real estate brokerage to find a job.

I’ve kept it pretty inexpensive. Only $29.95 to post a job for 30 days via PayPal. So far I’m starting with 4 categories:

MLS/Association staff
MLS/Association CEO

I consider this a version 1 release. I’ll be spiffing it up later. I would also love your feedback on making it better. Just e-mail me at vendor.alley at gmail dot com



  1. This needs more exposure;

    From todays RealEstateRama – the following headline

    calREDD, the statewide Multiple Listing Service, launches in Chico, Oroville, and Paradise

    then the details, then this comment

    Comment by Susie
    I thought Calredd was great at the beginning but then the problems began and at every turn there were more and more dissapointments. The Calredd system is not ready to be launched and may never be. It is not state of the art and it is not cutting edge, it is a backwards step from Paragon which was developed 6 odd years ago that we had been using. Calredd is primitive and it is not user friendly. With all of the fantastic technology in the world today, Calredd has none of it: the biggest problem is not being able to print from the screen so you can never print out what you input; everything takes forever to load, the screen and printing platforms are different, everything is difficult to read, nothing seems to work properly because there are quirkey things all through it and the more you use it the worse it gets. Appraisers are having the worst time with it but accross the board all of us, realtors and brokers have been crippled by it. By the way if you are a manager, or broker and you have not used the system then before you comment – try using it! Likewise if you do not care then this email is not for you, it is for those who do care and who are serious about their profession. In an already struggling economy this is like the death knell.

  2. Susie Q, you just didn’t give it enough time. Instead of wining about it you should have been more proactive in making the program better. All the issues you mentioned above are solved. calREDD is now a robust state of the art system that is far above anything else out there. There were a few issues as in any new technology but a dedicated group of individuals helped iron them out. They even took your complaints seriously and solved the problems quickly and professionally. No, Lake County will not have to go back to Paragon or any other system. They have help develop a new MLS system.

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